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“Delia Miller was my attorney for my recent divorce. She was extremely knowledgeable regarding every aspect of the law and every phase of the process went smoothly because she spent the time to discuss each aspect as we proceeded forward. Virtually every step of the process occurred as we had discussed and there were no surprises along the way. I was extremely happy with the outcome. Issues such as property settlement, child support and child custody, including our severely impaired adult son did not become issues and were resolved in a fair and equitable manner.”
~ Jeff

“I can’t say enough good things about Delia. She was ready for everything and had everything ready to go on time and made sure I knew exactly what was going on. Couldn’t be happier how things were handled and would recommend anyone looking for family law to look her up first.”
~ Scott

“Delia is extremely knowledgeable and very responsive. She is passionate about her job but even more so about standing up for the best interests of her clients. She is fair, doesn’t drag things out unnecessarily so she can make more money like other attorneys do, and she won’t back down for what is fair and right. You want Delia in your corner. ”
~ Nick