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What are some ways to ensure an amicable divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Divorce |

If one’s entire viewpoint of divorce was shaped by TV and movies, the idea of divorce is likely scary. After all, those mediums paint a picture of chaos and strife with spouses fighting to the bitter end for everything, regardless of the detriment on the children or ex-spouse. However, divorce does not have to be this way. It can be an amicable process to start a new second chapter.

Agree to agree

The first step to creating an amicable divorce is both spouses agreeing to have an amicable divorce. Once both spouses agree to cooperate, the basis of an amicable divorce is created.

Keep emotions out of the emotional process

Divorce is the unwinding of one life into two, separate lives, and by its very nature is an emotional process. However, to the extent possible, decisions and discussions should be made without those emotions. This means no finger pointing or waging. The goal of each discussion should be an amicable solution, not to punish the other spouse or right a perceived wrong. Remember, the idea is to avoid fighting.

Talk it out

Now that the couple has agreed to work together, and both spouses are in an amicable mindset, it is time to agree on what can be agreed. This can be assets, co-parenting plans, insurance, etc. Whatever the couple can agree on before paying an attorney, the better.

Prepare for the divorce

Individually, and as a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, couple, begin preparing for the divorce. This means making an accounting of the marital estate, agreements, getting draft co-parenting plans together, etc. It also means that, if the couple is not already in therapy, now is a good time to start. Having professional mental health assistance can help both spouses work through the divorce and keep both parties amicable. Plus, the costs associated with marriage and individual therapy are often covered by insurance.