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Understanding common missteps men make that complicate a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Divorce |

For Michigan couples who have decided to pursue a divorce, there could be an unavoidable series of challenges they must overcome. In some cases, the parties are relatively amicable and can discuss their issues in an evenhanded way. In others, it is layered with complexity and dispute. In many instances, there are hallmarks for how men and women behave as they are ending a marriage. Men particularly might make certain missteps that complicate the process and make it more time-consuming, costly and harder than it needs to be. Recognizing these behaviors can help with avoiding them. This is true from the perspective of both spouses.

Researchers say there are three common errors men tend to make

According to recent analysis, men are often prone to making mistakes that hinder any attempt to come to a reasonable resolution in a divorce. First, men can see the divorce as a business situation when it is an emotional and personal one. They might do this because they refuse to accept the pain of a marital breakdown and to try and seek an advantageous result for themselves. In a divorce negotiation, the goal is to be fair. That is not always the goal in a business deal. Thinking about finances and property can push other aspects like children and the well-being of the former spouse to the side, sparking acrimony.

Men might also try to be overbearing with their spouse. Anger is a natural response when there is a divorce, but bullying the spouse tends to make things worse. Issuing threats, trying to force unreasonable agreements and being abusive in general can cause inevitable problems not just with the other party, but with children and extended family. Third, people tend to seek solace with a new relationship. This is fine, but jumping into something new too quickly – even before the divorce has made substantial progress toward a resolution – can invite negativity.

Any type of divorce or family law case can benefit from experienced guidance

Obviously, these factors are not part of every divorce case. However, they do occur and it is wise for both sides to be prepared for them and forge effective strategies. Regardless of the type of case it is, people should be fully prepared for what they might face. It is possible that the difficulties can be discussed and common ground can be found. In other cases, that is not possible and one or both sides have dug in and are contentious. Discussing the case with experienced people can assess the circumstances and decide how to move forward toward a positive outcome.