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What can daters do to avoid divorce later?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Uncategorized |

It may seem odd to be thinking about divorce now when you are still dating. However, the best time to think about divorce is actually before the honeymoon phase begins. It starts with the very first date.

What can I learn on the first date?

Many people think that the first date is just about seeing if there is a spark. But the first date can be so much more than looking for chemistry. If you pay attention to how the date interacts with others and responds to you, you can learn a lot about them. This can help us avoid wasting our time and, hopefully, avoid divorcing these bad dates that become bad spouses later in life.

What to look for

The first thing to pay attention to is those initial interactions between the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, daters. Did they arrive on time? Did they seem engaged? Were they on their phone during the entire date? Did they just incessantly talk about work or themselves? These can all be red flags.

Offer to pay for the date

Why, you may ask. Well, one of the biggest red flags that Michigan divorce attorneys note is entitlement. It can cause an extremely contentious divorce that is a bitter battle. But, by offering to pay upfront, you might avoid such a situation. Pay attention to how they react to that offer to pay. The proper reaction is to either insist that they pay or, at least, try to pay instead.

If they do neither, that is a red flag because it implies that they feel entitled to your money. However, if the reaction is one of expectation, like surprise that you would even ask, that is likely proof of entitlement, which at this point, where you two just met, is also a red flag. Indeed, it is enough of a red flag to run.

Dating should weed out the bad apples

When you are ready to look for a spouse, it is time to start dating with intentionality. Every interaction tells you a little bit more about who that person is and if they will be a good spouse. Do not ignore red flags because those red flags could lead to a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, divorce later.