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Can ongoing abuse affect child support?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Divorce |

When you are simply surviving an abusive relationship, it can seem like torture, and, in many cases, it would qualify. When you leave, your life will get better immediately because you no longer have to endure such treatment at the hands of another. However, what researchers have consistently found is that the abusers rarely stop their abuse. Instead, they find new ways.

Legal process abuse

First, if you have not already filed a protection order or reported the abuse, you may find that your soon-to-be ex-spouse accuses you of abusing your child. In fact, the moment you leave, you will find that your abuser will paint you as a monster, spread rumors and cause rifts with your friends, family and even your Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, work life.

This will extend to the children, and the abuser will fight for sole custody, or at least, primary custody. They want you to pay them child support, and they want to control the most important aspect of your life, your children.

Avoiding child support

If you have planned your exit with your attorney, it is likely that you were able to get primary custody of the children. In that case, your ex-spouse will owe child support to you. Your ex will likely fight this, legally and illegally.

Some abusers go as far as getting themselves fired. They will do so in a way that they can claim was not their fault. Alternatively, they may accept a demotion or a severe reduction in pay for some incomprehensible reason. Some may claim an injury. Others may transition to working under the table. Their objective is to avoid as much child support as possible. Of course, this is not legal, and if you are prepared for this, your Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, attorney can fight it.