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Is joint custody a worthwhile option for Michigan parents?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | Child Custody |

In Michigan divorces, children can be caught in the middle. For parents who want to prevent the child from being negatively impacted by the complicated situation, there are avenues to consider so the transition is as easy as possible. One is joint custody.

The court gives the parents information about how joint custody works. Knowing what the law says about this option is essential as the case moves forward.

Joint custody can be effective in certain circumstances

As with any child-related matter, the court will primarily focus on the child’s best interests. Part of that is to consider if it will benefit the child for the parents to have joint custody. The parents must be able to cooperate and agree on decisions about the child for it to work.

For example, the determination as to what kind of school the child will attend, what extracurricular activities they will take part in and – in more important instances – medical care must be discussed. Parents agreeing on a joint custody arrangement will result in the court awarding it unless it does not suit the child’s best interests.

The court can add a statement as to when the child will be with either parent. It can also order that the physical custody be shared so the child maintains consistent contact with both parents. Any disagreement over residency will be decided by the court. It will give a reason for its determination. Even if there is joint custody, there can still be an order of child support. The key is that the child’s needs be met and if support is needed, then it will be part of the case.

Parents who are on good terms should consider joint custody

Despite the negative perceptions surrounding divorce, not all are acrimonious. Even those who are not on great terms can put their differences aside for the child’s sake. For many, joint custody is a positive way to settle a child custody case. When thinking about it, people need to know the pluses and minuses and all it entails. This can help with making an informed decision and possibly choosing another path.